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BMW Service in Newhall, CA

As powerful as your new BMW is, what will keep it running for years to come is taking your vehicle in for regularly scheduled maintenance. Bringing your BMW for servicing not only saves you money in the long run, but also reduces your BMW’s carbon footprint and keeps your vehicle in its best condition.

Whether you are experiencing specific issues with your BMW or would like to check on the overall health of your car, we provide a multitude of services you can take advantage of. Proudly serving residents of Newhall and Santa Clarita, German Autohaus can take care of oil changes as well as perform a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s fluids, air filters, brakes and more to make sure your vehicle is running smoothly.

We service and repair the following makes:

  • AMG Repair
  • Audi Repair
  • Bentley Repair
  • Bitter Repair
  • BMW Repair
  • Mercedes-Benz Repair
  • Mini Cooper Repair
  • Porsche Repair
  • Volkswagen Repair
  • Volvo Repair

We also specialize in

  • Volkswagen Repair
  • Porsche Repair
  • Mini Repair
  • Volvo Repair